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For big companies, branding means bringing in the experts, consultants, designers,
marketers and all. PLUS a big budget. “What about the small business?” I ask. Fewer
employees, no money and little time for brand building. Ironically this is where serious
branding is needed.

Our passion for branding has forced our spotlight to small business branding in SA. With proper guidance and education, we believe that we can extend the lives of businesses by making them into strong brands. 

Established in 2002  by its sole owner, Bongani Sikhonde, Right Brain Designs has emerged from a traditional design studio to a fully fledged brand building machine. In keeping with the markets, we are now faced with the times where marketing & advertising is no longer selling products and services to consumers, but a time where brand value trumps every sales pitch.

People buy brands that add value to their lives.

Our Business Concept:

Brand development through effective advertising, graphic & multimedia design.

We strive on producing work  that:

Evokes emotion

Calls to action

Affects the bottom line

During 2005 and 2012, Right Brain Designs developed itself in the Retail Property (Shopping Centre) Marketing and Advertising Space as a creative branding company with quick turn around time. Our experience revolves around creating branding elements that are on point, trend setting and competitive. Since the company's inception, we have successfully serviced shopping centers in different communities and have managed to acquire all the relevant skill that goes with designing successful campaigns targeted at different consumers' needs in  different shopping centers around Gauteng.


With such experience and an in-depth understanding of consumers, working on different brands from different markets comes naturally. We have serviced clients from small business, corporate, big brands right up to government. Have a look at our portfolio as it speaks for itself.


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