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A good logo design is only the beginning.

Your logo is only the face of your brand. To appeal to your market, you need more than that. At Right Brain Designs, we strip your business apart (donít worry, not the operations or offerings). We look at all components of your brand, see if they align and are sending out the right message. Consistency is key!
Wearing a good suite with a bad attitude does not make you a  great person.

AVIS McDonalds Woolworths MTN Mandoza Facebook  

See the difference? Where would your business rather be?

Each of the above mentioned brands stand for something, e.g Mandoza = kwaito music. Putting your logo on everything and everywhere is not BRAND BUILDING. Most people can never recall what the logos of some brands look like but they follow these brands nonetheless. Think about it, all the big brands started as small businesses.



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